The Art of Beauty Meets the Art of Ballet

by Vianney Becerra


Ballet in the City Collection/Photo by Alexis Ziemski

The Art of Beauty Meets the Art of Ballet this Fall. In collaboration with Zoya Art of Beauty products, Ballet in the City is proud to introduce its first original nail polish collection. Revealing 6 colors made exclusively for Ballet in the City, the collection showcases a dynamic color wheel with classical dance embedded at its heart.

Ballet in the City polish colors include: Tinsley, Nyx, Ziv, Adina, Avril, and Elisa.


Founded by Zoya and Michael Reyzis, Zoya Art of Beauty is one of the most innovative professional beauty products. It has been nationally acclaimed to focus on natural and high-quality ingredients for its customers.

“The colors in the collection are inspired by our logo image of a dancer ‘in the city'”, describes Jessica Wallis, Executive Director of Ballet in the City. “Our brand takes a non-traditional approach to ballet with bold, dynamic colors that reflect the excitement of ballet and its unique qualities, as reflected in cities across the world. Even though the colors may or may not be what you immediately think about when you think about ballet, we feel they each represent a quality of what ballet is today.


Photo by Alexis Ziemski

“If you examine our logo photo, you can see that each of the colors in the signature polish set is pulled from the color schematic from the photo. We then worked with Zoya Art of Beauty’s Kalie Balestra to choose colors that best represented the style of ballet today, with both young dancers as well as women of all ages in-mind. There is something in this collection for everyone.”

The Ballet in the City collection is available at select Dino Palmieri salons in Northeast Ohio as well as on its Shop. The collection comes in anticipation of Ballet in the City’s upcoming 2017 season.

What’s next for Zoya Art of Beauty and Ballet in the City? Future projects are already in the works. “This launch has been such a success, I can’t wait to explore where else this can go,” stated Wallis.

To learn more about Zoya, visit, @ZoyaNailPolish

And Ballet in the City:, @balletincity


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