Thank You: Dreams Came True

Thank You

Written by Rachel Shehy, Ballet in Cleveland Administrative Assistant

History was made on Saturday October 25, 2014. Cleveland, for the first time in over 50 years, had New York City Ballet dancers performing works of George Balanchine on its stage. For the first time,  Joshua Beamish’s ballet, Rouge et Noir, was performed in the Ohio Theatre. October 25 added to the renaissance of downtown Cleveland.

Throughout history impactful renaissance movements consist of a revival of the arts.

The excitement and joy regarding the Ashley Bouder Project is why Ballet in Cleveland exists, to bring passion and attention back to the original form of dance. What’s to come in the future is big, but for now let’s focus on this amazing moment in Cleveland’s history, with The Ashley Bouder Project.

Ballet in Cleveland would not be able to touch the many lives it does without the help of its Board of Directors. They are the behind the scenes powerhouse that ensures Ballet in Cleveland prospers and fulfills its mission. The support from the Board is necessary and vital to Ballet in Cleveland. Thank you Ballet in Cleveland Board of Directors, without you these experiences would not be able to occur.

Ballet in Cleveland would not exist if it was not for the passion and drive behind Ms. Jessica Wallis. She is the founder of Ballet in Cleveland and if you saw her during this premiere, you saw pure joy and happiness. Prior to starting Ballet in Cleveland, Wallis missed ballet and thought that many young dreamers were missing out on falling in love with the art because the opportunities to see large-scale professional ballet productions were slowly diminishing. Two years ago Jessica Wallis set out on a mission to revive ballet in a city that could use some revival. October 25, 2014 an astonishing production was presented and ballet became alive in downtown Cleveland once again, a revival for many, but just the beginning.

Jessica would like to thank so many people who made The Ashley Bouder Project a success, including Ballet in Cleveland’s stage manager and lighting designer, the outstanding John Ebert.

Finally, THANK YOU. THANK YOU for supporting The Ashley Bouder Project, participating in the Master Classes, or donating to the mission of Ballet in Cleveland. The support is necessary for continued success, and undoubtedly appreciated. The lives that can be touched through this art is unsurpassed and the impact this art has is astounding, as was evidenced by the many cheers shouted following each piece onstage during The Ashley Bouder Project from young, aspiring dancers. Making dreams and encouraging those dreams is the true mission and YOUR support helps Ballet in Cleveland to continue to touch others through opportunities with professional ballet dancers from the best companies in the world.

Ballet in Cleveland thanks its sponsors for this epic event: Portside Distillery, Forest City, Consolidated Graphics Group, APPinc, Cleveland Black Oxide, Bloch, and PlayhouseSquare.

We’ll see you in March!


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