Master’s Muse : The Best Book Club Ever

October 16, Ballet in Cleveland hosted a Varley O’Connor book reading and signing for Cleveland’s own The Best Book Club Ever. The ladies who were present were intrigued with what Ms. O’Connor had to say regarding the research for the book, her personal attachment to the story, and discovering what was fiction or truth within The Master’s Muse.

Varley O’Connor drew comparisons from ballet and other aspects of the world and life. She mentioned the “synergism between ballet and literature.” Ballet was the connection between Tanny and Balanchine and it was ballet that helped mourn the end of a relationship. All emotions felt can be felt through the ballet. Ms. O’Connor appreciates the emotion that is drawn from ballet and notices the correlation between emotions and the art of ballet. The Master’s Muse is a wonderful novel that is applicable to life even today and shows how ballet and the ballet world is relatable to all. Ballet needs to be not only remembered but actively appreciated. Dancers and choreographers like Ashley Bouder and Joshua Beamish are today’s Tanaquil Le Clercq and Jerome Robbins. Ballet is an art that is vital to all other art forms. The rich history of ballet in the past continues to be respected but the current history being created within the art needs to be better recognized. This is the passion of Ballet in Cleveland and this is the purpose of the Ashley Bouder Project.

Written by: Rachel Shehy


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