Ballet as a Lifestyle

Class with Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley

August 23 was such an amazing day for all the dancers who came to Playhouse Square for the Ballet in Cleveland master classes. Julia and Aaron spent the day instructing, advising and inspiring all those who attended. The boys learned how to be princes from Aaron and the girls were given advice to loosen their arms from Julia. Not only was the day focused on technique Aaron and Julia were able to show the impact ballet has in life off the stage.

Aaron and Julia are also the entrepreneurs of a real food nutritional bar called, Barre. The idea was developed through Julia’s food creations while she was rehearsing for the lead in Swan Lake. They were able to create a product that is beneficial for athletes and healthy living. Aaron and Julia stressed how the discipline ballet infused into their lifestyles plays into all aspects- not just dance.

Below is a collage of pictures from the master class. Ballet has such a strong influence in the lives of all who dance it. “Ballet is the backbone to all dance.” – Jessica Wallis. The confidence, discipline, time management and self motivation that is instilled into dancers is invaluable and ballet provides the structure and steps that is used in all of dance! Providing classes like these to dancers of all levels is a passion for Ballet in Cleveland. Appreciation for the art is something the founder, Jessica Wallis, is undoubtedly passionate about. These opportunities are all thanks to the dedication people have towards the recognition of ballet- an art, a sport and a lifestyle.




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